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Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park | 2018-02-24 10:47  Click:


Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park, February 2018. The only reason to make the trek out to the isolated Chinese outpost of Chongwu is for this fascinating park, set between a section of the town’s ancient walls and a pretty strip of beach overlooking The Taiwan Strait. The section of wall that runs through the park dates back to 1387 and is one of the best preserved city walls in China.  


There are over five hundred stone sculptures to see throughout the park, most of which have been made by local craftsmen. A good chunk of these depict ancient warriors in various states of fury/elation/defiance/bafflement/despair.  


There are some surprising additions to be discovered here and there. This little stone square is an example of that, where Mickey Mouse and a flourishing peacock flank a cheerful-looking Buddha rocking the Rapunzel vibe. Why not? 


You could easily spend a few hours seeking out all the hidden sculptures throughout the park. There’s also a sizeable temple complex, while the little beach proved so picture perfect. Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park is open daily, with tickets priced at 45RMB (£5/€5.70/$7).