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Fujian Expects to Establish Sister-province Relationship with Serbia's Vojvodina

2018-12-18 16:29  Click:

On December 5, a letter of intent for establishing sister-province relationship between Fujian and Vojvodina was signed by FAO Director-General Wang Tianming and President Igor Mirović of the government of Serbia’s Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Before the signing, President Mirović met with the Fujian delegation led by Director-General Wang. The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in such areas as business, trade, agriculture, tourism, culture, and education between the two provinces. They reached consensus on establishing sister-province relationship between Fujian and Vojvodian, as well as sister-city relationship between Quanzhou and Novi Sad, the capital city of Vojvodina.

The signing of the letter of intent unveils a new chapter of Fujian-Vojvodina relations. The two provinces will have more cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and the “16+1” cooperation framework.

Vojvodina, an autonomous province located on the north of Serbia, has a population of about two million. Its capital city is Novi Sad. The economy of Vojvodina is largely based on developed food industry and fertile agricultural soil. Agriculture is a priority sector in Vojvodina.